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(A) Pursuant to Section 12.3(d) of the Compact, the Tribe shall adopt and comply with federal and state workplace and occupational health and safety standards.

(B) The Tribe will permit the state to inspect gaming facility workplaces during normal hours of operation. This inspection shall be limited to assessing compliance with these standards, and the Tribe consents to limited jurisdiction of the state agencies charged with the enforcement of applicable laws, including the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, the Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board, and courts of the state with jurisdiction to enforce such laws; provided, that there is no right to state inspection where an inspection has been conducted by an agency of the United States pursuant to federal law during the previous calendar quarter and the Tribe has provided a copy of the federal agency’s report to the State Gaming Agency within ten (10) days of the federal inspection. [Res. 17-R-154 § 9, 12/28/2017.]