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The purposes of this article are:

(A) To set forth the terms and conditions under which the Tribe will grant a limited waiver of its sovereign immunity solely for claims seeking money damages resulting from alleged employment discrimination.

(B) To establish time limits, substantive standards and procedures for the filing and prompt and fair adjudication of claims against the Tribe for money damages for employment discrimination alleged to have arisen out of a claimant’s employment in connection with, or relating to, the operation of the Tribe’s gaming operation, gaming facility, or gaming activities.

(C) To delegate to the Tribal Council the authority to retain the services of a Claims Administrator to investigate, evaluate, negotiate and determine the resolution of claims, and to assist in the representation of the Tribe in mediations, hearings and appeals associated with contested claims. [Res. 18-R-039 § 2, 4/10/2018.]