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A claim shall be closed when any of the following occur:

(A) The Administrator has paid a settlement to the injured employee in exchange for a general release of any and all further liability;

(B) The Administrator has extended all benefits due under this article to the injured employee or the dependent(s);

(C) The injured employee or his or her dependents fails to appeal a written decision within the required thirty (30) day time period;

(D) The injured employee unreasonably fails to follow up with required or recommended medical treatment, or has abandoned medical treatment as evidenced by failure to attend two (2) consecutive medical appointments without a showing of good cause;

(E) No material improvement can be reasonably expected from continued medical treatment, and all other benefits have been exhausted or otherwise paid;

(F) Upon discovery that the injury occurred due to an act outside the course or scope of employment;

(G) Upon discovery that the injured employee committed fraud with respect to the claim;

(H) Upon incarceration of an employee;

(I) Pursuant to an order of the independent tribunal. [Res. 19-R-083 § 13, 7/18/2019.]