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All Gaming Enterprise and Administrator records shall remain under the ownership of the Tribe at all times. Information contained in the claims files and records of injured employees under the provisions of this article shall be deemed confidential and shall not be open to public inspection. The employee, dependents, or representatives of the same, be it an individual or an organization, may review the claim file or receive specific information therefrom upon the presentation of the signed authorization of the claimant. The Gaming Enterprise or its duly authorized representatives may review any files of their own injured employees in connection with any pending claims. Physicians treating or examining employees claiming benefits under this article, or physicians giving medical advice to the Administrator regarding any claim may, at the discretion of the Administrator, inspect the claims files and records of the injured employee; and other persons may make such inspection, at the Administrator’s discretion, when such persons are rendering assistance to the Administrator pertaining to administration of this article. [Res. 19-R-083 § 16, 7/18/2019.]