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(A) Any person who violates the provisions of this chapter is deemed to have consented to the jurisdiction of the Tribal Court and may be subject to a civil penalty in Tribal Court for a civil infraction. Such civil penalty shall not exceed the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each such infraction; provided, however, that the penalty shall not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000) if it involves minors.

(B) The procedures governing the adjudication in Tribal Court of such civil infractions shall be those set out in Chapter 3.05 KTC, Tribal Court.

(C) The Tribal Council hereby specifically finds that such civil penalties are reasonably necessary and are related to the expense of governmental administration necessary in maintaining law and order and public safety on Tribal lands and in managing, protecting and developing the natural resources in the Aboriginal Territory. It is the legislative intent of the Tribal Council that all violations of this chapter, whether committed by Tribal members, nonmember Indians, or non-Indians, be considered civil in nature rather than criminal. [Ord. 3 § (g), 2/14/2007.]