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The Karuk Tribal Council in recognition of the dignity and respect owed to all peoples and of the need to protect and treat fairly all employees working on behalf of the Tribe and its affiliated Tribal entities, hereby enacts the Karuk Tribe Workforce Protection Act of 2014. This Act, where applicable, shall exclusively govern, prescribe, and enforce the rights and obligations of the Karuk Tribe and its employees and the rights and obligations of non-Tribal employers and their employees while working for or on behalf of the Karuk Tribe.

This Act is created pursuant to the Karuk Tribe’s sovereign authority, as a federally recognized Indian Tribe, to control and govern its internal affairs. Accordingly, it is the express intent of the Karuk Tribal Council to maintain the full extent of its sovereignty, and no provision under this Act shall be construed as a waiver of that sovereignty. [Ord. 4 § 1.2, 4/16/2015.]