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(A) Initiation of Proceedings. The TERO Director may initiate proceedings to withdraw or suspend the certification of any businesses as warranted. The TERO Director shall provide written notice to the business that its certification is being reevaluated. The business shall have ten (10) days in which to respond and provide additional documentation.

(B) Finding. The TERO Director shall prepare a recommendation to the TERO Commission regarding whether the business continues to meet the eligibility requirements for certification and make a determination of withdrawal or suspension of certification based on the available information. The recommendation shall be submitted to the TERO Commission for a final determination. The TERO Commission shall provide the business a written notice of its decision.

(C) Request for Reconsideration. Upon receiving the notice of decision from the TERO Commission, a business shall have ten (10) days in which to make a request that the Commission reconsider its decision. To be considered, any request for reconsideration must be accompanied by additional evidence not already before the Commission. [Ord. 4 § 2.9, 4/16/2015.]