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(A) Any employee who believes that an employer has violated their rights, as protected by this Act, may file a written complaint with the TERO Office.

(B) Signed Written Complaint. After exhausting all administrative remedies available, the employee shall file with the TERO Director, a signed written complaint stating with particularity the violation alleged, and the factual basis supporting such allegation. The complaint must be in written form and must be signed by the employee.

The complaint, at a minimum, must contain the following required statement:

I, (employee’s name), believe that the following violation has occurred: claimed violation and factual basis in support of the claim. I believe that I have exhausted all administrative remedies available to me and that my only remaining recourse is to bring this matter to the TERO Office.

The complaint shall be filed within ten (10) days after the employee’s receipt of notice of exhaustion of all administrative remedies.

(C) Any person, organization, or entity who believes that an action by the TERO Office is in excess of the authority granted by this Act or is otherwise in violation of Tribal law may file a signed written complaint with the TERO Commission. The complaint must be filed no later than ten (10) days from the date of the action (or omission) upon which the complaint is based. [Ord. 4 § 7.2, 4/16/2015.]