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The petition shall contain the following information; however, the inability to provide all information shall not render the issued order unenforceable in and of itself:

(A) The name, race, Tribal status, date of birth of the petitioner. Adult family or household members may jointly file a single petition;

(B) The names of all family and household members to be protected by the order;

(C) The name(s), race, Tribal status, date of birth of the respondent(s). Multiple respondents may be listed in the same petition so long as they acted together to commit the domestic violence, violence, bullying, harassment or stalking;

(D) The physical and mailing addresses of all the parties; however, the petitioner may request his or her physical address remain confidential and not be released by the Court except with the petitioner’s written consent;

(E) A physical description of all respondents including sex, height, weight, hair color, and eye color;

(F) A description of the domestic violence, violence, bullying, harassment, or stalking;

(G) Any current court cases in which the petitioner and respondent are both parties;

(H) Any past protective orders or restraining orders in Tribal or state court that the petitioner and respondent were both parties to; and

(I) The specific protection requested from the Court. [Res. 20-R-091 Art. IV(C), 7/2/2020.]