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The service of the petition must comply with Rule 7 of the Rules of Court and Civil Procedure for the Karuk Tribal Court (KTC 3.10.080).

(A) Timing of Service. The petitioner must have the respondent personally served with a copy of the petition, the summons, any temporary restraining order, a blank response to the petition at least five (5) days prior to hearing. If the respondent is served less than five (5) days before the hearing, he or she may request a continuance in order to have time to prepare his or her case. The respondent must explain to the Court why he or she needs additional time. The Court will grant a continuance if it finds that fairness requires additional time is needed for the respondent to prepare their case.

(B) No Service Fee for Domestic Violence Petitions. No one, including law enforcement or private process servers, shall charge a fee for serving any paperwork in a case where the petition alleges acts of domestic violence. [Res. 20-R-091 Art. IV(G), 7/2/2020.]