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Number Description Action Date Disposition
3/22 update 3/1/2022 Codified
Res. 22-R-037 Amends Ch 10.10, children and youth in need of care 2/24/2022 Codified
Res. 21-R-171 Codification authority 12/9/2021 Codified
Res. 20-R-091 Protective orders 7/2/2020 Codified
Res. 20-R-080 General welfare 6/18/2020 Codified
Res. 19-R-083 Gaming enterprise workers’ compensation 7/18/2019 Codified
General Order 19-001 Rules of court and civil procedure 6/21/2019 Codified
Ord. 5 Elections 8/23/2018 Codified
Res. 18-R-039 Gaming anti-discrimination 4/10/2018 Codified
Res. 18-R-038 Gaming tort claims 4/10/2018 Codified
Res. 17-R-154 Gaming facility standards 12/28/2017 Codified
Res. 16-R-119 Secured transactions 7/14/2016 Codified
Res. 16-R-118 Enrollment 7/14/2016 Codified
Res. 15-R-147 Mortgage and foreclosure 12/3/2015 Codified
Res. 15-R-143 Arbitration 11/24/2015 Codified
Ord. 4 Employment rights and Workforce Protection Act 4/16/2015 Codified
Res. 11-R-121 Gaming 10/14/2011 Codified
Res. 10-R-111 Tribal court 9/30/2010 Codified
Res. 10-R-074 Code of conduct 7/1/2010 Codified
Res. 09-R-062 Children and family 4/30/2009 Codified
Res. 08-R-101 Children and family 9/3/2008 Codified
Ord. 3 Liquor 2/14/2007 Codified
Res. 06-R-53 Probate 5/3/2006 Codified
Ord. 2 Housing authority 9/7/2005 Codified
Res. 05-R-112 Sales tax 9/1/2005 Codified