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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 05-R-112 Sales tax 9/1/2005 Codified
Res. 05-R-90 Foster home standards and requirements 7/20/2005 Codified
Res. 05-R-13 Children and family 2/16/2005 Codified
Res. 05-R-12 Tribal court 2/16/2005 Codified
Res. 04-R-32 Children and family 4/22/2004 Codified
Res. 03-R-36 Gaming 5/4/2003 Codified
Res. 02-R-57 Prevailing wages 7/26/2002 Codified
Ord. 1 Business licenses 5/14/2002 Codified
Res. 96-R-24 Water pollution 4/25/1996 Codified